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Title Date published
Episode 37 - Dr. Theodore Schwartz and Ken Davidov from Liftid Talk About the Benefits of tDCS and How to Market a New and Unique Product 2020-03-26
Episode 36 - Steve from Floship talks about Coronavirus, Future of Logistics (Drones, Robots) and Crowdfunding Fulfillment 2020-02-18
Episode 35 - Giles Dawe From Hyperstarter Compares Kickstarter with Indiegogo 2019-12-23
Episode 34 - Nalin Chuapetcharasopon on How to Successfully Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign 2019-12-09
Episode 33 - Michael Anthony on How to Create Your Legacy and Stay Motivated 2019-12-02
Episode 32 - Cid Carver talks about Lumen and how they raised $2,361,692 on Indiegogo 2019-09-24
Episode 31 - Mano from Trooss Inc talks about canceling his crowdfunding campaign at the very last minute 2019-09-09
Episode 30 - Jacob from Platform88 talks about manufacturing in China 2019-08-01
Episode 29 - Artur of Reproject discusses the 5 steps to a successful campaign 2019-01-23
Episode 28 - Karen Vardanyan of Sprint Crowdfunders Fund discusses getting the most out of your marketing spend 2018-12-20
Episode 27 - Adeeti and Marita of Indiegogo discuss what it takes to create a successful crowdfunding campaign 2018-12-12
Episode 26 - Steve Suh of Floship ; Product fulfillment mastery 2018-11-01
Episode 25 - Jay Myers from Bold Commerce ; How to win in E-Commerce and Grow your Store 2018-10-24
Episode 24 - Scott Adamson of Kickbooster, how to use affiliates to drive results 2018-10-22
Episode 23 - Zach and Thomas of Funded Today - The secret to making millions in crowdfunding 2018-09-28
Episode 22 - Will Ford of Launchboom - The Secrets To Multiple Million Dollar Campaigns 2018-09-18
Episode 21 - Alex Ledoux of Karta Ventures : How to build a $10,000,000 brand 2018-09-04
Episode 20 - Erik Huberman of Hawke Media : The truth about marketing your brand 2018-08-17
Episode 19 - Nate Lawrie of Brazyn: from playing in the NFL to pitching his product on Shark Tank 2018-08-01
Episode 18 - Mark Campbell of InventureX talks about how to know your product is right for crowdfunding 2018-07-26

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