Health Babes is a podcast lead by two functional medicine doctors that love to dive deep and help their listeners figure out what may be causing any issues they are having. They discuss specific cases and testing/protocols used in their practice, and also interview other specialists to shed light on what their specialties are. Topics include histamine and mast cell issues, thyroid disease, hormone health, stress, mindset and more! They like to keep it fun too! They allow listeners to submit questions on specific topics and just real life stuff that they want to know about. There are no limits to what is covered on this podcast.


Title Date published
#014: Hidden Mold and How to Find It with Brian Karr 2021-06-08
#013: How Relationships Affect Your Health with Shaun Galanos 2021-06-01
#012: The 3 Ms: Menopause, Men’s Hormones, and Mitochondria with Dr. Carrie Jones 2021-05-25
#011: Intuitive Eating and Movement with Steph Gaudreau 2021-05-18
#010: How to Best Support Your Cycle with Nat Kringoudis 2021-05-11
#009: Lyme Disease 101 with Dr. Darin Ingels 2021-05-04
#008: The Orgasm Effect with Dr. Stephanie Estima 2021-04-27
#007: Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting with Dr. David Jockers 2021-04-20
#006: Body Image with WWE Ref, Jessika Carr 2021-04-13
#005: Histamine Part 2 2021-04-06
#004: Histamine Part 1 2021-03-24
#003: Managing Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Terry Wahls 2021-03-24
#002: Understanding Libido 2021-03-24
#001: Meet the Health Babes 2021-03-17

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