Health Theory is a twice weekly interview show, hosted by Quest Nutrition co-founder, Tom Bilyeu. Each episode offers tactical steps one can take to improve their wellbeing and achieve their goals from the world's top health experts in their field.


Title Date published
Why The Keto Diet Will Change Your Life | Mark Sisson on Health Theory 2021-05-13
This Doctor Shows You How You Can Control Your Biological Age | Dr. Caroline Leaf on Health Theory 2021-05-10
Dr. Jason Fung Breaks the "Counting Calories" Weight Loss Myth and What You Should Be Doing Instead 2021-05-06
Why Being Perfect Will Ruin You | Rangan Chatterjee on Health Theory 2021-05-03
What To Eat for Health and Longevity | Dr. Mark Hyman on Health Theory 2021-04-29
Thor's Trainer Shows You How to Maximize Your Fitness Regimen | Da Rulk on Health Theory 2021-04-26
Sleep Expert Reveals How You Can Optimize Your Brain with These Simple Hacks | Matthew Walker 2021-04-22
Learn How This Doctor Healed Her Multiple Sclerosis Through Diet and Lifestyle | Dr. Terry Wahls 2021-04-19
What to Eat to Power Your Brain | Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum on Health Theory 2021-04-15
Functional Medicine Practitioner Reveals The Sobering Truth About the Coronavirus | Chris Kresser 2021-04-12
How Your Microbiome Affects Everything From Your Brain to Your Metabolism | Dr. Will Bulsiewicz 2021-04-08
Anti-Aging Expert Explains How to Improve Your Diet and Lifestyle | Kellyann Petrucci 2021-04-05
The Evolutionary Logic Behind the Carnivore Diet | Shawn Baker on Health Theory 2021-04-01
How to Stay Young, Smart and Fit Forever | Gabrielle Lyon on Health Theory 2021-03-29
Neurologist Explains How Your Sleep Affects Your Weight | David Perlmutter on Health Theory 2021-03-25
What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Keto | Ken Berry on Health Theory 2021-03-22
How to Stay Healthy Until You’re 105 (It’s In Your Gut) | Dr. Steven Gundry on Health Theory 2021-03-18
The Real Secret to a Healthy Mind and Body | Aaron Alexander on Health Theory 2021-03-15
These Four Toxins Destroy Your Brain Health | Dr. Dale Bredesen on Health Theory 2021-03-11
The Evolutionary Logic Behind the Carnivore Diet | Shawn Baker on Health Theory 2021-03-08

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