Learn how to start a successful lawn care and landscaping business! LandscapeBusinessCourse.com These podcast episodes are short, digestible, actionable tips to get your business off the ground and become successful. The show includes interviews with landscapers and course members that are looking to grow their business. Mike Andes gives LIVE advice and consulting to REAL business owners. Get tips on how to advertise your business, hire the right employees, and scale your company! Mike Andes is the host of the show. In three years he took Augusta Lawn Care from 0 to $100K/month in revenue... This course is about HOW he did... step-by-step. Mike is also an author (Millennial Millionaire) and host of the Business Bootcamp Podcast (businessbootcamppodcast.com)


Title Date published
How to Dominate Your Market Using PRINT Marketing! (Landscape Business) 2021-06-12
​ @ it's HIS turf : From $2.2M Revenue & 32 Employees... Down to 12! 2021-06-11
How to Build a $1,000,000 Lawn Care Business w/ Bryan Connor (RoundUp Ep 7) 2021-06-03
Tigran Gertz Cancelled! PROJECTS/DESIGN/BUILD (RoundUp Ep.6) 2021-05-26
Turned His Failing Business Around - While Working a Full-Time Job! (Top Notch Lawn Care) 2021-05-25
LANDSCAPERS, This Sales Tactic Will Help You Sell More Projects! 2021-05-25
I have $60,000 to turn around my LIFE and lawn care business! (Coaching Call with Mike Andes) 2021-05-18
Friday NIGHT at the Office - Q&A Landscape Business Marketing 2021-05-17
Lawn Care Business Owner and Veteran w/ 12 Employees, $900K Revenue (Ep.4 of RoundUP) 2021-05-12
My Response to Tigran Gertz 2021-05-11
How Lawn Care Juggernaut​ Started His Mowing Business with $100 !! 2021-05-06
Florida Turf Pros: TRIPLED Revenue in 2021 with Sod Installs! (RoundUp- Ep.2) 2021-04-28
From PRISON to Starting a Landscape Business! (Coaching Call w/ Mike Andes) 2021-04-27
Lawn Care Business Advice Q&A (ROUND-UP Episode 1) 2021-04-26
Lawn Care Hiring Tips: Does Poaching Employees Work? Facebook/Indeed/Craigslist 2021-04-22
i'm stressed, exhausted, and tired... 2021-04-22
Hiring is Your #1 Priority! (Lawn & Landscape Industry) 2021-04-02
I Was Doing Live Q&A... and then Copper Creek Cuts Came (starts at 31:10) 2021-04-01
Lawn Care Business: KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! 2021-03-22
This SILENT KILLER is Eating Away at Your Lawn Care Profits! [Nobody is Talking About This] 2021-03-16

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