Losing Our Religion with host Zac Gandara is a wild often comedic ride alongside a community of diverse humans each seeking their desired life and ideal experience away from the dogma and exclusivities they may have been raised to believe.


Title Date published
EPISODE 234: HBO's Alabama Snake Film: Bryan Storkel 2020-12-09
What Happened to the Podcast?: Zac Gandara 2020-12-08
THINKING THURSDAY: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Luvvie Ajayi: Zac Gandara 2020-06-11
EPISODE 233: I Don’t Have to Be Triggered By That Anymore: Michelle Young 2020-06-10
MONDAY MELTDOWN: Where Does Empathy Come From?: Zac Gandara 2020-06-09
THINKING THURSDAY: The First Step to Becoming an Ally to Fighting Racial Injustice: Zac Gandara 2020-06-04
Best Of Episode: White People Homework for Black Lives Matter Allies: Tori Glass 2020-06-03
MONDAY MELTDOWN: Why Are Christians Finally Speaking Up About George Floyd and Black Lives Matter: Zac Gandara 2020-06-02
THINKING THURSDAY: The Theory of Cultural Determinism: Zac Gandara 2020-05-28
EPISODE 232: Rebuilding the Foundations of Your Reality: Michelle Young 2020-05-27
MONDAY MELTDOWN: How to Change When Everyone Else Says You Can’t: Zac Gandara 2020-05-26
THINKING THURSDAY: The Part of You You've Hidden Away is You: Zac Gandara 2020-05-21
EPISODE 231: Covid-19 Relationship Dynamics: Josh Black and Haven Yates 2020-05-20
MONDAY MELTDOWN: How to Embrace Change and Make Changes: Zac Gandara 2020-05-19
THINKING THURSDAY: Stop Betraying Yourself for Them: Zac Gandara 2020-05-14
BEST OF!: Jesus Chakra & Porn: Seth Taylor 2020-05-13
MONDAY MELTDOWN: We Don’t Need to Honor Those Who Are Not Honorable: Zac Gandara 2020-05-12
THINKING THURSDAY: Why am I not Progressing Like I Was?: Zac Gandara 2020-05-07
EPISODE 230: Science, Religion, and No Longer Fearing Death: Jeremiah Drouillard 2020-05-06
MONDAY MELTDOWN: Why Are They Threatened by My Story?: Zac Gandara 2020-05-05

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