<p>Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the work of key philosophers and their theories.</p>


Title Date published
Neuropsychologist Paul Broks on Wittgenstein 2015-08-07
Philosopher Clare Carlisle on Reality and Perception 2015-08-06
Physicist Tara Shears on Falsification 2015-08-05
Lawyer Harry Potter on Eyewitness Testimony 2015-08-04
How Can I Know Anything at All? 2015-08-03
Writer Lisa Appignanesi on the Love of Children 2015-07-31
Psychotherapist Mark Vernon on Freud 2015-07-30
Theologian Giles Fraser on Altruism 2015-07-29
Classicist Edith Hall on Aristophanes in Plato 2015-07-28
What Is Love? 2015-07-27
Philosopher Timothy Secret on Ancestor Worship 2015-07-24
Philosopher Angie Hobbs on Plato's Philosopher Kings 2015-07-23
Economist Kate Barker on the Free Market 2015-07-22
Historian Justin Champion on Toleration 2015-07-21
How Should We Live Together? 2015-07-20
Philosopher Barry Smith on Descartes and Consciousness 2015-04-17
Philosopher Jules Evans on Jung and the Mind 2015-04-16
Writer AL Kennedy on Sartre and the Individual 2015-04-15
Paul Broks on John Locke and Personal Identity 2015-04-14
What Does It Mean to Be Me? 2015-04-13

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