<p>From a $100 million art theft to a lucrative airplane hijacking, go inside the stories of the most notorious heists in history. Featuring interviews with experts, prosecutors, and historians, learn all about what made these schemes so successful. </p>


Title Date published
How Student Loans Killed The American Dream (Illegal Tender S.5 Preview) 2020-05-01
Socialite to scammer: Anna Delvey (Illegal Tender S.2) 2019-12-19
Introducing Illegal Tender: A new series by Yahoo Finance 2019-11-12
Bonus: Snowden's book leaves out key details (on purpose) 2019-09-24
Edward Snowden: The complicated man behind an epic heist 2019-09-17
Bonus: Christopher faces his victims, family and a fresh beginning 2019-09-12
North Pond Hermit: The story of 1,000 thefts over 27 years while living alone in the Maine woods 2019-09-10
This man stole 600 bitcoin mining computers and then walked out of his jail cell 2019-09-04
Bonus: Were the paintings actually destroyed? 2019-08-29
How a 'Robin Hood' thief stole $100 million of art in one night 2019-08-27
Bonus: An inside look at the evidence left behind by D.B. Cooper 2019-08-22
D.B. Cooper : How a thief jumped out of a plane and vanished into thin air 2019-08-20
The Art Of The Exit (Trailer) 2019-08-07

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