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Title Date published
8 Upcoming Video Game Bosses We Can't Wait To Fight - Beast Of Nurgle! Alcina Dimitrescu! The Beholder! Monster Bunny?! 2021-06-12
10 Video Game Mistakes Left In To Troll You - Portal! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! Metroid! Lara's Assets In Tomb Raider?! 2021-06-11
Losing Our Collective MINDS Over Death Stranding: Director's Cut 2021-06-11
10 Awesome Video Game Features We Can't Believe Got Cancelled - Read People's Minds! Wall-Running! Scalping! SIX-Star Wanted Level In Grand Theft Auto V?! 2021-06-10
NEWS - LAST-MINUTE E3 2021 Leaks & Rumours! 2021-06-10
9 Most Badass Monologues In Video Game History - System Shock 2! Half-Life 2! Max Payne 2! Stubbs The Zombie?! 2021-06-09
NEWS - Dead Space RETURNING At E3 2021 2021-06-09
Mass Effect 2 Is Still One Of The Best Games Of All Time 2021-06-09
10 Video Game Enemies That Were Totally Out Of Place - Mushroom People! A T-Rex! Giant Roosters! A Monkey Driving A Backhoe?! 2021-06-08
8 Insanely Evil Choices You Can Make In The Fallout Franchise - Burning Harold Alive! Becoming The Child-Killer! Exploding Captured Wastelanders! Eat. The. Baby?! 2021-06-07
10 Bullsh*t Video Game Mechanics You Had To Go With - Inaccurate Percentages! Difficulty Scaling In Loot Shooters! Escort NPC Walk Speeds! Over-Encumbrance?! 2021-06-06
10 One-Off Video Game Levels That Totally Change Everything - Rainbow Road! Downhill Jam! Hero Assault! Distortion World?! 2021-06-05
10 Most Famous Video Game Cheat Codes - Infinite Money In The Sims! Mortal Kombat's Blood Mode! All Weapons In Tomb Raider! Instant Mike Tyson Fight?! 2021-06-04
Does God Of War Ragnarok Coming To PS4 Just Suck? 2021-06-04
NEWS - New Marvel Superhero & Borderlands Games LEAKED Ahead Of E3! 2021-06-04
10 Biggest Misconceptions You Have About Video Game Developers - They Ignore The Fans! They Make A Ton Of Money! They're Amazing At Playing Videogames! They All Work 100-Hour Weeks 2021-06-03
NEWS - God Of War Ragnarok Delayed & Now On PS4?! 2021-06-03
10 Insane Lies Told On Video Game Box Art - Missing Features! Better With Kinect! Bullshots! It Doesn't Feature A Man Playing A Banjo?! 2021-06-02
Truly INSANE E3 2021 Predictions (That Might Come True) 2021-06-02
10 Most Shocking Video Game Sidekick Betrayals - Red Dead Redemption 2! Dead Space! Jade Empire! Wheatley In Portal 2?! 2021-06-01

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