<p>On February 10th, 1796, Vice President John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail, lamenting the state of discourse in the country. The election was nearing—and becoming heated. Newspapers screamed, factions warred, and John Adams was dismayed with what he called “the wicked Game.”</p><p>Americans in 2020 can relate. They still have to endure weeks of shouting, outrage, and the worst sort of political rancor as the country once again chooses its president.</p><p>But it’s almost <em>always </em>been this way. And to prove it, <em>American Elections: Wicked Game</em> will review the entire history of presidential elections, from the unanimous and inevitable election of George Washington in 1789 to Donald Trump’s surprise electoral victory in 2016.</p><p>From the host of the <em>American History Tellers </em>and <em>American Scandal</em>, this new podcast will explore all 58 presidential elections to discover that there never never was a “good ol’ days,” and that presidential politics has always been played dirty.</p>


Title Date published
2020, Biden vs. Trump: The Soul of America 2020-12-15
2016, Clinton vs. Trump: The Omega and the Alpha 2020-11-03
2012, Romney vs. Obama: The Rich Boy 2020-10-27
2008, McCain vs. Obama: Hope and Change 2020-10-20
2004, Bush vs. Kerry: Do or Die 2020-10-13
2000, Bush vs. Gore vs. Nader: Gettin’ Snippy 2020-10-06
1996, Dole vs. Clinton: The Comeback Kid 2020-09-29
1992, Bush vs. Clinton vs. Perot: The Baby Boomer and the Independent 2020-09-22
1988, Bush vs. Dukakis: Character Assassinations 2020-09-15
1984, Mondale vs. Reagan: The Teflon President 2020-09-08
1980, Carter vs. Reagan: Let’s Make America Great Again 2020-09-01
1976, Ford vs. Carter: Unimpeachable 2020-08-25
1972, McGovern vs. Nixon: Failure Comes Easy At Times Like This 2020-08-18
1968, Nixon vs. Humphrey vs. Wallace: Law and Order 2020-08-11
1964, Johnson vs. Goldwater: A Choice, Not An Echo 2020-08-04
1960, Nixon vs. Kennedy: Behind the Curtain 2020-07-28
1956, Stevenson vs. Eisenhower: A Chance for Peace 2020-07-21
1952, Stevenson vs. Eisenhower: The Fund Crisis 2020-07-14
1948, Dewey vs. Truman: The Gangbuster 2020-07-07
1944, Dewey vs. Roosevelt: The Last Stand 2020-06-30

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