<p>Host Alex Lieberman talks with the biggest names in business and asks them the questions you’d want to ask yourself. From VCs and DTC to streaming and social media, Alex explores the stories behind the headlines you’re reading. Swap your coffee for a beer, swap your eyes for your ears, and join us—you know the dress code.</p>


Title Date published
Bankruptcy: So hot right now 2021-02-25
Forget everything you know about bankruptcy 2021-02-22
If the stock market is broken, who can fix it? 2021-02-18
The GameStop Saga: How no-fee trading engineered both access & chaos 2021-02-15
How to fail spectacularly 2021-02-11
Building the future takes moonshot thinking 2021-02-08
Decoding Big Tech’s high-risk, high-reward healthcare future 2021-02-04
Digital healthcare might be a cure-all...or it might not 2021-02-01
Could betting bring back wayward sports fans? 2021-01-28
Sports betting: To legalize or not to legalize? 2021-01-25
Should you invest in bitcoin? 2021-01-21
Bitcoin to $500,000? The Winklevoss Twins think so 2021-01-18
Esports close in on the competition 2021-01-14
Can esports dominate the attention economy? 2021-01-11
Fitness influencers did it first 2021-01-07
New year, new post-Covid fitness industry 2021-01-04
A 2021 update from Kinsey 2021-01-03
Innovation ages like a fine wine 2020-12-31
Gary Vaynerchuk: Booze can do better 2020-12-29
The OnlyFans effect on the porn industry 2020-12-24

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