<p>Roxy and Katelyn grew up in the white evangelical American heartland. Both were warned moving to a supposed bastion of secular culture would be dangerous to their faith. While navigating a city where people sleep in on Sunday mornings and the chaste motto “true love waits” isn’t a thing, the two have found a renewed, vibrant faith that has been both strengthened and stretched in the metropolis.</p>


Title Date published
Deconstructed. Deconverted. Not Defriended. 2021-06-09
Dear Purity Culture: It's Not Me, It's You 2021-06-02
Don't Let Robots Choose Your Soulmate 2021-05-26
How We Survived the Great Evangelical Betrayal 2021-05-19
Shattering Glass Ceilings … and Glass Steeples 2021-05-12
Fiercely Feminist. Faithfully Christian. 2021-05-05
Slowing Down in the City That Never Sleeps 2021-04-28
White Women Aren't Being Called Out, They're Being Called In 2021-04-21
Does God Care About Fashion? 2021-04-14
Why You're Wrong About Godless Gotham 2021-04-07
'How Can You Still Be a Christian?' 2021-03-31
The Weird, Wild, Wonderful World of Dating Apps 2021-03-24
The Slippery Slope 2021-03-17
Saved by the City - The Trailer! 2021-03-11

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