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Title Date published
Maker Mix, with Bill Nye (Part 1) – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-12-20
The Lunar Legacy, with Buzz Aldrin 2016-12-16
Science Gets Fabulous, with Summer Ash and Emily Rice – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-12-13
Bringing Science to Life, with Ben Stiller 2016-12-09
Exploring Exoplanets, with Seth Shostak – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-12-06
Surviving on Mars, with Andy Weir 2016-12-02
StarTalk All-Stars at NY Comic Con – The Science of Science Fiction 2016-11-29
Extended Classic: The Salt of the Earth (Part 1) 2016-11-25
Women in Science, with Summer Ash and Emily Rice – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-11-22
The Beauty of Mathematics, with Jeremy Irons 2016-11-18
Hunting for Black Holes, with Janna Levin - StarTalk All-Stars 2016-11-15
The “Science” of Zombies and the Walking Dead, with Robert Kirkman 2016-11-11
StarTalk All-Stars at Star Trek Mission NY – The Science of Star Trek 2016-11-08
“Is Our Universe a Simulation?” with Brian Greene 2016-11-04
UFOs and Possible Aliens, with Seth Shostak – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-11-01
Extended Classic: Zombie Apocalypse (Part 1) 2016-10-28
Cosmic Queries - Expanding Our Perspectives, with Bill Nye – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-10-25
The Physics and Fantasy of Time Travel 2016-10-21
Calling ET, with Dr. FunkySpoon – StarTalk All-Stars 2016-10-18
The Science of High-Wire Stunts with Philippe Petit 2016-10-14

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