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Title Date published
The Science of the COVID Bubble 2020-11-06
The Hidden Science of Music, with Eric Whitacre 2020-11-02
Cosmic Queries – The 2020 Nobel Prize 2020-10-26
Baseball Physics, with Bill Nye 2020-10-23
Cosmic Queries – Proving Einstein Right 2020-10-19
Cosmic Crib, with Rainn Wilson 2020-10-12
Hard Hits 2020-10-09
Cosmic Queries – Cosmic Grab Bag 2020-10-05
Cosmic Queries – COVID-19 Vaccines 2020-09-28
Building a Virtual World – Drone Racing League 2020-09-25
Cosmic Queries – Life on Venus 2020-09-21
Cosmic Queries – Interspecies Communication 2020-09-14
Revolutionizing Tennis, with Nick Kyrgios 2020-09-11
Cosmic Queries: Lunar Geology 2020-09-07
Cosmic Queries – Stargazing 2020-08-31
Rebuilding the Human Body 2020-08-28
Exploring Grit, with Angela Duckworth 2020-08-24
Cosmic Queries – Sharks 2020-08-17
Artificial Intelligence and Sports 2020-08-14
Cosmic Queries – Comet NEOWISE 2020-08-10

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