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Title Date published
Cosmic Queries – World Space Week 2019-10-04
Cosmic Queries – The Deep 2019-09-27
Solving Crimes with Science, with Patricia Cornwell 2019-09-20
The Pursuit of Knowledge, with Larry King 2019-09-13
Westworld and the Future of AI, with James Marsden 2019-09-06
Parody and Geek Culture, with “Weird Al” Yankovic 2019-08-30
Cosmic Curiosities, with Paul Mecurio 2019-08-23
Watching the Skies, with the US Space Command 2019-08-16
#ICYMI - Building an MVP Machine 2019-08-15
Cosmic Queries – Science in Pop Fiction, the Sequel 2019-08-09
Cosmic Queries – Science in Pop Fiction 2019-08-02
#ICYMI - A Conversation with Mario Andretti and Neil deGrasse Tyson 2019-08-01
Art and Science for Change, with Anna Deavere Smith 2019-07-26
Apollo and the Future of Humans in Space 2019-07-19
#ICYMI - The Science of SailGP 2019-07-18
Cosmic Queries – Summer School 2019-07-12
News in the Digital Age, with Dan Rather 2019-07-05
#ICYMI - Plant-Powered Athletes and Plant-Based Diets 2019-07-04
Cosmic Queries – Bioethics 2019-06-28
A Conversation with Jordan Klepper 2019-06-21

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