<p>We interview and study famous financial billionaires including Warren Buffett and Howard Marks, and teach you what we learn and how you can apply their investment strategies in the stock market. </p>


Title Date published
TIP329: Value Investing - w/ John Huber, Tobias Carlisle, and Wes Gray (Business Podcast) 2020-12-27
BTC005: Bitcoin & Michael Saylor - A Masterclass in Economic Calculation (Bitcoin Podcast) 2020-12-23
TIP328: Balanced Portfolio Allocation - w/ Damien Bisserier & Alex Shahidi (Business Podcast) 2020-12-20
BTC004: Bitcoin Tech & Future Growth w/ Blockstream's Samson Mow (Bitcoin Podcast) 2020-12-16
TIP327: COVID-19, Vaccine, and the US Economy - w/ Ed Harrison (Business Podcast) 2020-12-13
BTC003: Bitcoin & A Deflationary World w/ Jeff Booth (Bitcoin Podcast) 2020-12-09
TIP326: Intrinsic Value of Lumen with Ben Claremon and Eugene Robin (Business Podcast) 2020-12-06
BTC002: The Case For Bitcoin w/ Vijay Boyapati (Bitcoin Podcast) 2020-12-02
TIP325: Real Estate Investing with BiggerPockets (Business Podcast) 2020-11-29
BTC001: Bitcoin Common Misconceptions w/ Robert Breedlove (Bitcoin Podcast) 2020-11-25
TIP324: The Great Reset w/ Luke Gromen (Business Podcast) 2020-11-22
TIP323: Mastermind Discussion 4Q 2020 (Business Podcast) 2020-11-15
TIP322: Raoul Pal - Macro Overview for 4th Q 2020 (Business Podcast) 2020-11-08
TIP321: Investing & The Brain w/ John Gald (Business Podcast) 2020-11-01
TIP320: Negotiations w/ Former FBI Agent Chris Voss (Business Podcast) 2020-10-25
TIP319: Intrinsic Value Assessment of Charles Schwab w/ Arif Karim (Business Podcast) 2020-10-18
TIP318: The Passive Investing Impact w/ Mike Green (Business Podcast) 2020-10-11
TIP317: Intrinsic Value Assessment of Fairfax w/ Jake Taylor (Business Podcast) 2020-10-04
TIP316: Current Market Conditions w/ Preston & Stig (Business Podcast) 2020-09-27
TIP315: Gold and Gold Miners w/ Marin Katusa (Business Podcast) 2020-09-20

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