<p>Truth &amp; Justice is a true crowdsourced investigation in real time. Host, Bob Ruff, asks listeners to help with investigations as he takes on a new potential wrongful conviction case every season. The subject of Season 10 is the 1996 murder of Houston woman, Catalina Palomino, and the possible wrongful conviction of 15 year old Jennifer Jeffley. Join the investigation!</p>


Title Date published
S10E19: A Can of Worms 2021-06-20
S10E18: Follow-Up S10: E18 2021-06-18
S10E18: Redrock & Howson 2021-06-13
S10E17: Follow-Up S10: E17 2021-06-11
Introducing: The Devil Within 2021-06-08
S10E17: K.D. 2021-06-06
S10E16: Follow-Up S10: E16 2021-06-04
S10E16: Youngster 2021-05-30
S10E15: Follow-Up S10: E15 2021-05-28
Introducing: The Vaping Fix 2021-05-18
S10E15: Jim Clemente: The Suspects 2021-05-16
S10E14: Follow-Up S10: E14 2021-05-14
S10E14: Jim Clemente: The Profile 2021-05-09
S10E13: Follow-Up S10: E13 2021-05-07
S10E13: Detective Allen - Pt. 2 2021-05-02
S10E12: Follow-Up S10: E12 2021-04-30
S10E12: Detective Allen - Pt. 1 2021-04-25
S10E11: Follow-Up S10: E11 2021-04-23
S10E11: Round Table Discussion 2021-04-18
S10E10: Follow-Up S10: E10 2021-04-16

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