Stimulated Boredom is an entertaining and informative podcast hosted by Dana Sciandra. The program discusses many general interest topics, including geek culture, gaming, gadgets, reviews, technology, movies, politics, current events and entertainment. Come have your boredom stimulated! Please visit for more information.


Title Date published
Jesus Phone & The 47% 2012-09-22
It's On Like Dragon*Con 2012-09-08
Speaking of Vaginas... 2012-09-02
Yo Mama! 2012-08-11
Homophobe Chicken Deluxe 2012-08-04
My "Dark Knight" Is Rising 2012-07-26
Gay For Batman 2012-07-07
Will Work For Money 2012-06-22
Where's the Beef? 2012-06-10
Confessions of a N00b... 2012-05-20
Adam, Eve & Steve 2012-05-12
The Podfather: Starting Your Own Podcast 2012-04-28
Million Dollar Mommy 2012-04-14
Etch-A-Sketches & Skittles 2012-03-24
Super Size Me 2012-03-17
MegaCon 2012 2012-02-24
Brokeredback Mountain 2012-02-11
State Of The Disunion 2012-01-28
SOPA On The ROPE 2012-01-21
Electile Dysfunction 2012-01-07

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