Stimulated Boredom is an entertaining and informative podcast hosted by Dana Sciandra. The program discusses many general interest topics, including geek culture, gaming, gadgets, reviews, technology, movies, politics, current events and entertainment. Come have your boredom stimulated! Please visit for more information.


Title Date published
Revenge of the Booger 2011-12-27
Warning: Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery 2011-12-17
Republi-Go-Round 2011-11-19
Kindle Fire: Reviewed 2011-11-19
Boastful Ignorance 2011-11-05
Geek Lunch Part Deux: When Geeks Attack 2011-10-16
iRIP & Kindle Fire 2011-10-08
Armadillo Anal Probe 2011-09-24
Hot Pockets & Hormones 2011-09-09
Texas Toast 2011-08-27
Retards Chasing Butterflies... 2011-08-13
Raise The Roof 2011-07-24
To Boldly Go... 2011-07-09
Geek Lunch 2011-07-07
And The Rocket's Red Glare 2011-07-02
Puppy-Kicking Pedophiles 2011-06-18
Have You Seen My Wiener? 2011-06-11
The Veruca Salt Society 2011-06-05
Silversun Pickup Lines 2011-06-05
Weapons of Mass Turbation 2011-05-21

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