Stimulated Boredom is an entertaining and informative podcast hosted by Dana Sciandra. The program discusses many general interest topics, including geek culture, gaming, gadgets, reviews, technology, movies, politics, current events and entertainment. Come have your boredom stimulated! Please visit for more information.


Title Date published
Head Like a Hole... 2011-05-05
Bye Bye Birther (aka: Donald the Douchebag) 2011-04-30
Brought To You By The Letter "F" 2011-04-30
Budget on a Stick 2011-04-16
One if by South, Two if by Southwest 2011-04-03
Great Scott! Obama Has a Time Machine! 2011-04-03
On Japan 2011-03-19
Rabble Rabble 2011-03-19
State of the Unions 2011-02-26
Unicorn Gang Bang 2011-02-19
Pyramid Scheme 2011-01-30
Sporting Superman Underoos 2011-01-30
Blowing The Electoral Load... 2011-01-22
The Rhetoric of Violence 2011-01-15
Boredom Bites 2011-01-15
Stimulated Lang Syne 2010-12-31
Arsenic and Old Leaks 2010-12-03
Don't TSA Me, Bro! 2010-11-20
Rally Envy... 2010-11-13
Constitooshunal Skholar... 2010-10-23

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