PleinAir Magazine publisher Eric Rhoads delves into the world of plein air painting and the outdoor painting movement.


Title Date published
The Future of the Plein Air Movement 2021-04-27
Shawn Dell Joyce on Artists Making a Difference 2021-04-14
James Willis on Painting Architecture and More 2021-04-06
Charles Muench on Artistic Discipline and More 2021-03-10
Mike Hernandez on Channeling Fear and More 2021-03-02
Ben Bauer's Leap to Being a Full-Time Artist 2021-02-24
Watercolor Artist Tom Lynch on Building an Art Career and More 2021-02-17
John Coleman on Artist Success and More 2021-02-10
John Michael Carter on Painting Composition and More 2021-02-03
Representational Landscape Painter Garin Baker 2021-01-26
PleinAir Podcast 202: From the Art Dealer Diaries, Part 2 2021-01-18
PleinAir Podcast 201: From the Art Dealer Diaries, Part 1 2021-01-13
Randall Sexton on Seeing Color and More 2020-12-18
Interview with Watercolor Artist Pablo Rubén 2020-12-15
Cynthia Rosen on Painting with a Palette Knife and More 2020-12-07
Gene Costanza, From Officer to Artist 2020-11-30
George Gallo on Making Movies and Art 2020-11-20
Carole Gray-Weihman on Art Movements and More 2020-11-13
Beverly Ford Evans on Understanding Values and More 2020-11-06
Italian Artist Francesco Fontana on Watercolor and More 2020-10-30

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