We are Trésa and Ashlee, a mother-daughter duo we believe that every life experience presents itself to take us on a journey of expansion. A journey to wholeness. A journey to joy. We also believe that joy can overcome anything in this world if it is chosen. Our goal is to help you navigate the light and the shadow by amplifying others' voices and sharing raw truths to encourage a shift in perspective. Our greatest teachers are those who have navigated the dark and are brave enough to share. This is the community of the Art of Joy. This is the journey to wholeness.


Title Date published
Mothers Day, Women's Day. 2021-05-08
Allowing Self Compassion to take the lead 2021-04-20
Expanding the idea of what's possible with Monica Z. 2021-03-24
Finding the connection to your higher self with Diana Anderson 2021-03-11
The Power of Perception with Sean McPeak 2021-02-24
The Art of Joy Rebrand 2021-02-02
The power of Sound Healing with Katie Jo 2021-01-13
Rising from 2020 2020-12-23
Human Design 2020-12-09
The power of perspective during the holidays 2020-11-25
A peek inside of our spiritual practice 2020-11-11
The art of spending time alone 2020-10-13
Slow down and LISTEN 2020-09-23
How we have risen from the darkness 2020-09-09
What it means to be a Chain Breaker 2020-08-12
Exploring our Shadow 2020-07-30
A Meditation with the Art of Joy 2020-07-08
Helping Kids recover from trauma with The Children's Justice Center 2020-06-10
When you heal the past you change the future 2020-05-29
Discovering Hope with Make a Wish 2020-05-13

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