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Title Date published
Male Contraceptives and Lorena Bobbitt 2019-02-14
Top Shelf JUNK 2019-02-07
The Genetics of Gender 2019-01-31
A DOLLOP of Goo (w guest Gareth Reynolds) 2019-01-24
Penis Cages and International Kink 2019-01-17
Vaginas, Snakes, and Filthy Foreplay 2019-01-03
Can You Freeze Your Balls Off? 2018-12-27
DOCTOR vs TV DOCTOR 2018-12-20
The Mystery of the Accidental Jizz 2018-12-13
Bathrobes, Piercings, and Making it Last 2018-12-06
Why Millennials Ain't Fucking 2018-11-29
DAN SAVAGE Releases Himself 2018-11-20
The Fighter and The Kid and THE KOOKS! 2018-11-15
Shaft Action and Clit Madness 2018-11-08
A Bizarre Sexual Disfunction 2018-11-01
Why Women Burnout Faster Than Men 2018-10-25
Does SIZE matter for BLOW JOBS? 2018-10-18
Why Is Everyone Having ANAL SEX? 2018-10-11
How to Make Your VAGINA Taste Delicious! 2018-10-04
What is a SEXUAL SURROGATE? 2018-09-27

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