The GymWits Podcast is a health and fitness podcast aimed at discussing any and all aspects of fitness. Discussion topics range from the mainstream to more obscure topics but it is all meant to be informative and accessible. Hosted by childhood best friends, Ryan George and Justin Gild aka ChefSonic.


Title Date published
221: Navigating the new Normal with Kaley Hattfield 2020-12-16
220: Bench Pressing, Positive Thinking, Lower Abs 2020-12-03
219: Outdoor Workouts, AI, Putting on Muscle 2020-11-20
218: Recovery, Face-masks and Cognitive performance 2020-11-12
217: Avoiding Burnout with Dr. Greg Hammer 2020-11-05
216: The Importance of Learning New Skills 2020-10-28
215: In the trenches Covid talk with Dr. Mark Cucuzella 2020-09-27
214: Healthy Foods that don't Require Refrigeration, Weights vs. Machines 2020-08-20
213: Fun Family Fitness, Indulging, and Noom 2020-08-13
212: Ask the Trainer/ Dietitian 2020-08-03
211: The Worst Marketing Buzzwords used by the Fitness Industry 2020-07-08
210: Black Lives Matter 2020-06-11
209: What will gyms look like when they reopen? 2020-06-04
208: Best Food and Exercises for Weight Loss 2020-05-20
207: The GymWits talk about the Weather with Sherri Pugh 2020-05-07
206: Jump Rope Tips, Omega 3's & Performance 2020-04-29
205: Fitness Equipment to Purchase for the Home 2020-04-22
204: Random Stuff, IBS, Crazy Dogs 2020-04-14
203: We're Back 2020-04-07
Some Tips on Proper Form 2019-06-11

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