Welcome to my podcast where I help business owners grow their social media following and then use it to make money in the online space. Each week I share topics that will help you learn how to build an audience, sell online, and grow your business. I also bring in business experts to share their invaluable insight, wisdom and best business tactics, and we talk about how to apply this to your business. We discuss how to overcome and be aware of mindset challenges that creative business owners usually face. We talk about effective ways to brand, market, price and scale your business so you can reach more clients, make more money and work less. And there is so much to share with you! I grew my local Kansas City decorative painting business to a 7-figure online brand and it's my heart's desire to help, empower and encourage other creatives! I know what you're going through as a creative business owner and you are not alone. I want to help you share your gifts, run a successful business and become an expert in your industry. You don't have to be miserable in a 9-to-5. You don't have to fall for the starving artist lie. You can make money with your passions. You don't have to be the best in the industry, you just have to know how to out market your competitors. Please subscribe to get my podcasts and listen in weekly to learn how to turn your hobby into a full-time gig. Get more business tips + encouragement + DIY fun: Instagram: @jenniferallwood Facebook: @themagicbrushinc Show Notes: www.jenniferallwood.com/podcast


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BONUS | Should You Join A Mastermind? 2021-06-11
What Do You Want Your Biz to Stand For? |Episode 222 2021-06-09
Monday FIre 103 | Your Words Matter 2021-06-07
3 Ideas For Adding a Revenue Stream to Your Creative Biz | Episode 221 2021-06-02
Monday Fire 102 | Moms, Take A Stand 2021-05-31
Is it worth paying someone to get verified on Instagram? | Episode 220 2021-05-26
Monday Fire 101 | Why Growing Your Social Media Feels Vulnerable 2021-05-24
The Brain on Trauma With Dr. Shannon Irvine | Episode 219 2021-05-19
Monday Fire 100 | Lead With Excellence 2021-05-17
How To Give Your Customer a Good Buying Experience | Episode 218 2021-05-12
Monday Fire 99 | You Receive Not Because You Ask Not 2021-05-10
My Instagram Strategy for 2021 | Episode 217 2021-05-05
Monday Fire 98 | Don't Use the Chicken Exit 2021-05-03
3 Mistakes I See in the Coaching Industry | Episode 216 2021-04-28
Monday Fire 97 | Start Your Own Prayer Pod 2021-04-26
How to Self Publish A Book With Chandler Bolt | Episode 215 2021-04-21
Monday Fire 96 | Are You A "Holder-Backer?" 2021-04-19
Fix Your Engagement With Instagram Stories | Episode 214 2021-04-14
Monday Fire 95 | Claim Your Territory 2021-04-12
The RIGHT way to pitch to get on other people's podcasts | Episode 213 2021-04-07

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