The microbiome. It dictates so much of how we move through the world – from how we digest our food to the mates we choose as we spin around the globe. On this show, we’re investigating how the things we do everyday impacts the bugs of our bodies. The Microbiome Report is powered by BIOHM Health.


Title Date published
Why Viruses Are Friends, Not Foes 2021-05-13
How To Have Your Gut Analyzed For Free 2021-05-06
You're Breathing Wrong Right Now 2021-04-29
Leaky Gut Decoded 2021-04-15
A Taoist Monk Walks Into A Doctor’s Office 2021-04-08
How To Start Using Herbs In Your Everyday 2021-04-01
Fats And Oils To Avoid At All Costs (And What To Eat Instead) 2021-03-18
Why True Paleo Isn't Possible 2021-03-11
How Nerves In Your Gut Can Help (or Hurt) Your Health 2021-03-04
How Digestion Works (And Why You Should Care) 2021-02-18
Lung Cancer In Non-Smokers Linked To Oral Microbiome 2021-02-11
Discover Your Ancient Medicine Body Type 2021-02-04
What Should I Do After Taking Antibiotics? 2021-01-28
Can An Unhealthy Gut Cause Alzheimer’s? 2021-01-21
What To Eat For How You Feel 2021-01-07
Are Hand Sanitizers Slowly Killing You? 2020-12-17
Your Gut Questions Answered! 2020-12-03
Sugar's Dangerous Link To IBD and IBS 2020-11-19
Allergies and Food Intolerances? Look To The Gut 2020-11-05
Baby Poo and Microbiome's Mission To Mars 2020-10-22

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