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Title Date published
TWiG 777: Victim of Affluence - AT&T Hack, Google Pixel 9 Leak, TikTok Exorcisms 2024-07-17
TWiG 776: The Geese of God - Fusion Dealys, Esports World Cup, NGL Ban 2024-07-10
TWiG 775: Chocolate Creme Filled Donuts for the Soul - SCOTUS Decisions, Meta's Oversight Board, llama.ttf 2024-07-03
TWiG 774: My AI Fiancé - Jeff Testifies in CA, RIAA vs. Suno and UDIO 2024-06-26
TWiG 773: Mouse Jigglers and Keyboard Strokers - Social Media Warning Labels, US Sues Adobe 2024-06-19
TWiG 772: Mystery Bucket of Gummies - Apple AI, Sony Buys Alamo Drafthouse, Cottage Cheese 2024-06-12
TWiG 771: Sucked to LA - Ultrasonic Coffee, Microsoft Recall, Perplexity Pages 2024-06-05
TWiG 770: Giggle Pants and Chortle Skorts - Google AI Answers, ICQ, Private Jet Tracking 2024-05-29
TWiG 769: Keeping Up With the Kevorkians - ScarJo vs. OpenAI, Google Classic 2024-05-22
TWiG 768: Google A/I - Google I/O 2024 2024-05-14
TWiG 767: Never Hug an Elmo - BuzzFeed, AdVon, 65-Foot Hot Dog 2024-05-08
TWiG 766: Area Man Buys Onion - Alphabet Hits 2 Trillion, DJI Ban, FCC Fines 2024-05-01
TWiG 765: Inflatable Nuts - TikTok Ban, Rabbit R1, 2024-04-24
TWiG 764: Cow Magnets - Atlas Evolved, Humane AI Pin, Panic-as-a-Business 2024-04-17
TWiG 763: All the Meat Was Shaking - Suno Music, Google Cloud Next 2024-04-10
TWiG 762: People Who Like Sticks - Taco Bell AI, Amazon Scraps "Just Walk Out" 2024-04-03
TWiG 761: Exploring the World of Stretch Pants - Collective AI, Vinyl Sales 2024-03-27
TWiG 760: The Ground State of a Molecule - Slorg & Slerf, NVIDIA Event, Google Health 2024-03-20
TWiG 759: The Posters Will Rise - TikTok Ban, Changing Expectations for AI 2024-03-13
TWiG 758: The Righte to Hoose - OpenAI vs. Musk, Spain Boots Worldcoin Orbs 2024-03-06

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