Value investing is more than an investment strategy — it’s a fundamental way of thinking about finance. Value investing was developed in the 1920s at Columbia Business School by professors Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, MS ’21. The authors of the classic text, Security Analysis, Graham and Dodd were the very pioneers of their field and their security analysis principles provided the first rational basis for investment decisions. Despite the vast and volatile changes in the economy and securities markets during the last several decades, value investing has proven to be the most successful money management strategy ever developed. Value investors’ success over the second half of the twentieth century proved not only the validity of the value approach, but its preeminence over even the most widely taught and practiced modern investment theory, which was developed in the 1950s and ’60s and remains dominant even today. Our mission today is to promote the study and practice of Graham & Dodd’s original investing principles and to improve investing with world-class education, research, and practitioner-academic dialogue. In this podcast you will hear from some of the world’s greatest investors, their views on the investment management industry, how they developed their investment process and how they see the field changing over time.


Title Date published
Anne-Sophie d'Andlau - Driving Change By Engaging With Impact 2021-04-09
Florian Schuhbauer and Klaus Roehrig - Applying Activist Tactics to European Markets 2021-03-26
Elizabeth Lilly - Embodying the Principles of Value Investing 2021-03-12
Anna Nikolayevsky - The Value of Independent Thought 2021-02-26
David Marcus - Developing a 3D Perspective of Investing 2021-02-12
Samantha Greenberg - Recognizing True Asymmetry 2021-01-29
Mohnish Pabrai - The Value of Continuous Learning 2021-01-15
Jan Hummel - The Rare Advantage of Real-World Experience 2020-12-04
Howard Marks - Successful Investing Through Buying Things Well 2020-11-20
The Multi-Faceted Future of Value Investing with Henry Ellenbogen and Anouk Dey 2020-10-16
Rishi Renjen - Evolving Your Investment Process 2020-10-02
Richard Lawrence - Investing in Superior Businesses 2020-09-18
Learning from Five Years of the 5x5x5 Russo Student Investment Fund 2020-09-04
Kim Shannon - Value Investing - Bringing it All Together 2020-05-22
Dan Davidowitz & Jeff Mueller – Compounding with Polen Capital 2020-04-17
C.T. Fitzpatrick: Value Investing in Times of Deep Distress 2020-04-03
Michael Mauboussin – Investing in times of (the Coronavirus) Crisis 2020-03-23
Francisco García Paramés - Value Investing for the Long Term Guest 2020-03-20
David Samra - Leveraging Fundamentals to Remain Relevant 2020-03-06
Bruce Greenwald - Staying on the Right Side of the Trade 2019-12-20

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