Each week hosts Dave Anthony and Josh Olson watch and then discuss an episode of The West Wing.


Title Date published
The Stormy Present w/Special Guest Felix Biederman 2021-05-03
Abu el Banat w/Special Guests Katherine Krueger and Will Menaker 2021-04-26
Shutdown w/Special Guest Briahna Joy Gray and an appearance from Adam McKay 2021-04-19
Separation of Powers w/Special Guest Tom Sexton 2021-04-12
Special bonus crossover episode - RUMBLE w/Michael & Us hosts Luke Savage & Will Sloan 2021-04-09
Disaster Relief w/Special Guest Robin Marie Averbeck 2021-04-05
Constituency of One w/Special Guest Amy Westervelt 2021-03-29
Han w/Special Guest Daniel Bessner 2021-03-22
Jefferson Lives w/Special Guest Rebecca Bitton 2021-03-15
The Dogs Of War 2021-03-08
7A WF 83429 w/Special Guest Aaron Maté 2021-03-01
Twenty Five W/Special Guests Katie Halper & Matt Taibbi 2021-02-22
Commencement w/Special Guest Branko Marcetic 2021-02-15
Life On Mars w/Special guest David Sirota 2021-02-08
Evidence of Things Not Seen 2021-02-01
Angel Maintenance w/special guest Ashley Stevens 2021-01-25
Privateers w/Special Guest Tanya Turner 2021-01-18
Red Haven's On Fire w/Special Guest Wyatt Cenac 2021-01-11
The California 47th w/Special Guest Aaron Thorpe 2021-01-04
Inauguration Pt 2: Over There w/Special Guest Daniel Bessner 2020-12-28

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