The biggest questions in human performance, health, and longevity answered by those in the know.. Hosted by Drs. Mike Mallin, Matt Dawson, and friends.


Title Date published
Advanced Ketamine Therapy and combining with other adjuncts with Dr. Kristin Dawson. 2021-06-11
Ketamine for anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, and much more! 2021-06-03
How to use Breathwork for healing from trauma, mystical experiences, and more with Morris Weintraub 2021-05-26
How to use Breath Work to increase HRV, decrease stress and anxiety, and many other benefits with Morris Weintraub. 2021-05-17
Rob Greenfield on how to live healthy and save the world by growing and foraging, dumpster diving, minimizing your impact.....and.......eating roadkill. 2021-04-30
Does Organic food make a difference? How does healthy soil = healthy food = healthy humans? Jeff Tkach, Chief Innovation Officer at Rodale discusses this and much more! 2021-04-22
Wild foods, Humans in Captivity, Foraging, Mindfulness, Gratitude, and more with Daniel Vitalis from the WildFed podcast. 2021-04-14
Daniel Vitalis on being Wildfed, harvesting your own food, veganism vs. carnivorism, hunting, and much more! 2021-04-05
So...what is high blood pressure?  Why does it matter exactly?  2021-03-31
Wild Health Heats Up - All about the sauna 2021-03-27
How to use a CGM to optimize health. Tips and tricks. 2021-03-15
Karen Thomson on sugar addiction, other addictions, and how to break the cycle. 2021-03-09
Fuz Sanderson on Re-Wilding, building fire, didgeridoos, and healing through connection with nature. 2021-02-22
All about inflammation with Dr. Mark Goodman 2021-02-19
Dr. Mark Goodman joins us to discuss sports supplements 2021-02-09
Robb Wolf on improving our health and saving the world with Regenerative Agriculture. 2021-02-06
Whole body MRI for early detection of cancer and other abnormalities. 2021-01-27
Dr. Stacy Sims and Dr. Julie Foucher discuss training, fueling, and other differences for women athletes. 2021-01-20
Food as medicine with Dr. Steven Chen 2021-01-14
Dr. Erin Calipari on breaking the cycle of addiction 2021-01-04

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