<p>From developing a business plan, to building your product or service, to choosing your corporate structure and learning how to effectively market to customers. Finance journalist and business owner David &lsquo;Kochie&rsquo; Koch takes you through all the steps you need to take to give your business the best chance at success. <strong>For more episodes download the free LiSTNR app.</strong></p>


Title Date published
Is it time to call it quits on your business? 2020-12-21
Ep 10: The business benefits of having a mentor 2019-10-08
Ep 9: What taxes should your business be paying? 2019-10-08
Ep 8: Building digital marketing into your business 2019-10-08
Ep 7: Marketing your business the right way to the right people 2019-10-08
Ep 6: How much is your product (and your time) worth? 2019-10-08
Ep 5: How to know when your product is ready to launch 2019-10-08
Ep 4: What business structure is right for your business? 2019-10-08
Ep 3: Putting together an effective business plan 2019-09-01
Ep 2: Why do most start-ups fail? 2019-08-31
Ep 1: Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? 2019-08-30
Kochie's Guide to Starting Your Own Business - Trailer 2019-08-15

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