Join CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta as he explores the themes in the award-winning CNN Film Three Identical Strangers. The film tells the shocking story behind triplets and the scientific study that separated them. Can we get good science from experiments with questionable ethics? Where do scientists stand on the nature-nurture debate? Do twins really have a special connection? Astronaut twins Mark and Scott Kelly join Dr. Gupta for a special conversation probing into the minds of multiples. And in a bonus episode, we hear from the filmmakers about their mission to share this remarkable story with the world.


Title Date published
Bonus / Behind The Scenes 2019-01-28
Adoption In America 2019-01-18
Inside The Minds Of Multiples 2019-01-11
The Rise of Multiples 2019-01-04
The Terrible History of Bad Medicine 2018-12-21
The Biggest Question: Nature, Nurture or Both? 2018-12-19
Trailer 2018-12-17

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