Plastic Surgery is more popular than ever before but with this increase comes inherent dangers. Beverly Hills award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban is here to help us navigate through the possible dangers. <br /><br />As more poorly trained and unqualified doctors join the industry, with unregulated procedures becoming more mainstream, patients are making misguided and dangerous life changing choices every day. He will present topics such as; how to get to the truth behind med spas and the taboos of plastics to the questions you should ask in a live consultation. Dr. Rady is a doctor on a mission to create awareness and send a message. <br /><br />Join Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban in “Plastic Surgery: Uncensored” as he and his guests give us unfiltered and valuable information that all patients wish they knew before they went under the knife. It will definitely be an eye-opening podcast you won’t want to miss.


Title Date published
Society's Mental Health Crisis 2024-07-17
Secrets To A Celebrity Jawline 2024-07-10
Overcoming A Life-Threatening Hematoma After A Mommy Makeover 2024-07-03
YOUR Questions Answered: From Eyebrow Transplants And Nipple Inversion Surgery to High Definition Liposuction 2024-06-26
Breast Revision Surgery: 20 Years In The Making 2024-06-19
Navigating The UNEXPECTED Rhinoplasty Recovery [A Patients Journey] 2024-06-12
It's All About the Face and Facial Rejuvenation 2024-06-05
YOUR Questions Answered: From Fat Grafting and PRP to Tummy Tuck Revisions 2024-05-29
The Ultimate Guide to Breast Implant Removal: A Patients Experience 2024-05-22
The Untold Truth About Nose Job Revisions 2024-05-15
The Unexpected Reality After Massive Weight Loss 2024-05-08
Skin Cancer Myths Debunked: Tips to Stay Safe This Summer 2024-05-01
The Holistic Approach To Plastic Surgery 2024-04-24
Celebrity Molly Sims Discusses Life Beyond the Red Carpet 2024-04-17
Differences Between A Mini Tummy Tuck VS A Full Tummy Tuck? 2024-04-10
Secrets to a Beautiful Scar 2024-04-03
The Transformative Power of Combining a Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation 2024-03-27
Body Lift After Massive Weightloss With The Help of Medication 2024-03-20
How Safe is Anesthesia During Plastic Surgery? 2024-03-13
The Repercussions of Liposuction 2024-03-06

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