Each year, religion professors at Brigham Young University (BYU) produce hundreds of publications on subjects related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This podcast brings this research into one place to enlighten the everyday seeker of truth. Interviewing the author, we discuss why the study was done, why it matters, and why the professor chooses to be both a scholar, and a disciple. This is Y Religion.


Title Date published
Episode 33: Mosaics of Faith (Matthew Grey) 2021-06-01
Episode 32: The Liminal Experience of the Brother of Jared (Charles Swift) 2021-05-15
Episode 31: The Chamber of Father Whitmer (Michael MacKay) 2021-05-01
Episode 30: Theology of the King James Language (Jan Martin) 2021-04-15
Episode 29: Living the Parables of Jesus (Hank Smith) 2021-04-01
Episode 28: God’s Voice to His Daughters in Doctrine and Covenants 25 (Carter Charles) 2021-03-15
Episode 27: Teaching Children to Believe in Christ (Byran Korth) 2021-03-01
Episode 26: The Eternal in the Temporal (Jordan Watkins) 2021-02-15
Episode 25: Surprised by Christ (Daniel Becerra) 2021-02-02
Episode 24: Joseph Smith’s Growing Understanding of the Eternal Family (Michael Goodman & Devan Jensen) 2021-01-15
Episode 23: Repicturing the Restoration (Anthony Sweat) 2021-01-01
Episode 22: The Life of Paul (Nick Frederick) 2020-12-15
Episode 21: The Influence of Rose Marie Reid (Andrew Reed) 2020-12-01
Episode 20: The Greek Texts of the New Testament (Lincoln Blumell) 2020-11-16
Episode 19: Book of Mormon Theology (Joseph Spencer) 2020-11-02
Episode 18: Joseph Smith for President (Derek Sainsbury) 2020-10-15
Episode 17: The Missouri “Danites” (Alex Baugh) 2020-10-01
Episode 16: Harmonizing the First Vision Accounts (Kerry Muhlestein) 2020-09-15
Episode 15: The Moses of Czechoslovakia (Mary Jane Woodger) 2020-09-01
Episode 14: The Development of Temple Worship (Richard Bennett) 2020-08-15

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