The globe is beset by giant problems that don’t respect political boundaries. But are political actors up to the task of solving them? Global Translations unpacks the political roadblocks to smart policy decisions, examining the long-term costs of the short-term thinking that drives many political and business decisions. Hosted by Luiza Savage and powered by POLITICO journalists around the world, Global Translations is a POLITICO podcast, presented by Citi, a leading global bank.


Title Date published
Sponsored content: The surprising green revolution happening in finance 2019-09-05
How climate change will reshape global power dynamics 2019-08-29
A new tone from some in GOP on climate change -- but mostly behind closed doors 2019-08-22
The U.S. left a hole in climate leadership. China is filling it 2019-08-15
Sponsored content: Embracing fintech in the fight against extinction 2019-08-01
The struggle to write the rulebook for social media 2019-07-25
The new Sputnik: China challenges the U.S. in global A.I. race 2019-07-18
Dissecting America's mixed signals in challenging China on tech 2019-07-11
Sponsored content: Rethinking America’s role in global trade 2019-06-27
The world according to Robert Lighthizer 2019-06-20
The new politics of trade 2019-06-13
The method and the madness 2019-06-06
Global Politico is now Global Translations 2019-06-04
What comes next in a world disrupted 2018-04-16
Trump vs Putin? Time to be ‘scared’ 2018-04-09
Hugh Hewitt gives rare praise for Trump’s national security purge 2018-04-02
Jake Sullivan: "Difficult to overestimate the potential danger John Bolton could put us in" 2018-03-26
Adam Schiff: I thought there would be more Jeff Flakes, John McCains and Bob Corkers 2018-03-19
Chuck Todd on the high wire act of covering Trump 2018-03-12
Naftali Bennett: ‘I Intend to Be the Prime Minister of Israel’ 2018-03-08

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