<p>The globe is beset by giant problems that don’t respect political boundaries. But are political actors up to the task of solving them? Global Translations unpacks the political roadblocks to smart policy decisions, examining the long-term costs of the short-term thinking that drives many political and business decisions. Hosted by Luiza Savage and powered by POLITICO journalists around the world, Global Translations is a POLITICO podcast, presented by Citi, a leading global bank.</p>


Title Date published
The dance of the pro-Trump Republican with Senator Jim Risch 2018-03-05
The Russian bots are coming. This bipartisan duo is on it. 2018-02-26
Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter on the war America isn’t fighting 2018-02-19
Kim Jong Un, North Korea's '10-foot-tall baby' 2018-02-12
Victoria Nuland on ringing Russia alarm bell inside Obama administration 2018-02-05
Bonus: The Gulf family feud (with Donald Trump in the middle) 2018-02-01
Mark Warner on Russia: 'We've had new information that raises more questions' 2018-01-29
The man who put Andrew Jackson in Trump’s Oval Office 2018-01-22
How does Obama’s foreign policy look a year into Trump? 2018-01-15
Is Trump stuck with Iran deal he loathes? 2018-01-08
5 key takeaways from 2017: The Donald Trump presidency and a world disrupted 2017-12-25
Assessing a year of Trump with #NeverTrumpers Eliot Cohen and Max Boot 2017-12-18
Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell on the intelligence failure of Russia 2017-12-11
Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak talks Netanyahu's Israel 2017-12-05
Ambassador Ron Dermer on Trump's Mideast peacemaking tactics 2017-12-04
Trump’s Russia problem, with Ambassador Kurt Volker 2017-11-27
Ben Cardin on how Trump is driving Democrats and Republicans together 2017-11-20
Episode 41: Inside the secret back-channel North Korea talks 2017-11-13
Sexism on America's front lines: Part Two 2017-11-07
Episode 40: Sexism on America’s front lines 2017-11-06

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