<p>The globe is beset by giant problems that don’t respect political boundaries. But are political actors up to the task of solving them? Global Translations unpacks the political roadblocks to smart policy decisions, examining the long-term costs of the short-term thinking that drives many political and business decisions. Hosted by Luiza Savage and powered by POLITICO journalists around the world, Global Translations is a POLITICO podcast, presented by Citi, a leading global bank.</p>


Title Date published
Episode 19: The shove heard round the world 2017-06-12
Episode 18: A master class on Putin & Trump from legendary Russia hand, Strobe Talbott 2017-06-05
Episode 17: Is Prime Minister Theresa May a British Hillary Clinton? 2017-05-28
Episode 16: John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chief on Trump, Comey and his own email being hacked 2017-05-22
Episode 15: Condoleezza Rice: American democracy will survive Trump 2017-05-15
Bonus episode: How France’s new president will change the world 2017-05-08
Episode 14: The resistance will be tweeted with Sen. Chris Murphy 2017-05-08
Episode 13: Sweden's Carl Bildt on Europe vs. Trump 2017-05-01
Episode 12: ‘I think there is a fantastic opportunity here’ Paul Wolfowitz on Trump’s foreign policy 2017-04-24
Episode 11: Inside Trump’s NSC with Michael Anton 2017-04-17
Episode 10: Andrea Mitchell on Trump's media wars 2017-04-10
Episode 9: "This theory we didn't do anything" Lisa Monaco on Obama & the Russia hack 2017-04-03
Episode 8: The man who would beat Bibi: Israel's Yair Lapid 2017-03-24
Episode 7: A Russia trap? Masha Gessen on Trump, Putin and what really to worry about 2017-03-20
Episode 6: Can Iraq survive Trump? 2017-03-13
Episode 5: Dan Fried, America's longest-serving diplomat 2017-03-05
Episode 4: Alpha Ladies: Madeleine Albright, Michele Flournoy and Wendy Sherman 2017-02-26
Episode 3: Congressman Adam Schiff 2017-02-20
Bonus episode: Dan Shapiro 2017-02-15
Episode 2: Senator Bob Corker 2017-02-09

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