EconTalk is an award-winning weekly talk show about economics in daily life. Featured guests include renowned economics professors, Nobel Prize winners, and exciting speakers on all kinds of topical matters related to economic thought. Host Russ Roberts, of the Library of Economics and Liberty and the Hoover Institution, draws you in with lively guests and creative repartee. Topics include health care, business cycles, economic growth, free trade, education, finance, politics, sports, book reviews, and the curiosities of everyday decision-making. Look for related readings and the complete archive of previous shows at, where you can also comment on the podcasts and ask questions.


Title Date published
Martin Gurri on the Revolt of the Public 2020-05-25
Robert Pondiscio on How the Other Half Learns 2020-05-18
Paul Romer on the Pandemic 2020-05-15
Branko Milanovic on Capitalism, Alone 2020-05-11
L.A. Paul on Vampires, Life Choices, and Transformation 2020-05-04
Alan Lightman on Stardust, Meaning, Religion, and Science 2020-04-27
Vinay Prasad on Cancer Drugs, Medical Ethics, and Malignant 2020-04-20
Ed Leamer on Manufacturing, Effort, and Inequality 2020-04-13
Arnold Kling on the Three Languages of Politics, Revisited 2020-04-06
Jenny Schuetz on Land Regulation and the Housing Market 2020-03-30
Azra Raza on The First Cell 2020-03-23
Tyler Cowen on the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-03-19
Isabella Tree on Wilding 2020-03-16
Richard Davies on Extreme Economies 2020-03-09
Yuval Levin on A Time to Build 2020-03-02
Richard Robb on Willful 2020-02-24
Peter Singer on The Life You Can Save 2020-02-17
Marty Makary on the Price We Pay 2020-02-10
Robert Shiller on Narrative Economics 2020-02-03
Daniel Klein on Honest Income 2020-01-27

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