EconTalk is an award-winning weekly talk show about economics in daily life. Featured guests include renowned economics professors, Nobel Prize winners, and exciting speakers on all kinds of topical matters related to economic thought. Host Russ Roberts, of the Library of Economics and Liberty and the Hoover Institution, draws you in with lively guests and creative repartee. Topics include health care, business cycles, economic growth, free trade, education, finance, politics, sports, book reviews, and the curiosities of everyday decision-making. Look for related readings and the complete archive of previous shows at, where you can also comment on the podcasts and ask questions.


Title Date published
David Skarbek on Prison Gangs and the Social Order of the Underworld 2015-03-30
Campbell Harvey on Randomness, Skill, and Investment Strategies 2015-03-23
Paul Romer on Urban Growth 2015-03-16
Lawrence H. White on Monetary Constitutions 2015-03-09
David Zetland on Water 2015-03-02
Michael Munger on Choosing in Groups 2015-02-23
Benn Steil on the Battle of Bretton Woods 2015-02-16
Daniel Sumner on the Political Economy of Agriculture 2015-02-09
Luigi Zingales on the Costs and Benefits of the Financial Sector 2015-02-02
Alex Tabarrok on Private Cities 2015-01-26
Nassim Nicholas Taleb on the Precautionary Principle and Genetically Modified Organisms 2015-01-19
Greg Page on Food, Agriculture, and Cargill 2015-01-12
Joshua Greene on Moral Tribes, Moral Dilemmas, and Utilitarianism 2015-01-05

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